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"It's All about YOU!


As YOUR Realtor, it's all about YOU!  My goal is to keep the entire process as fun, easy and  stress free for YOU as possible.  I want YOU to enjoy this journey.  I recognize and value the trust YOU place in me. I strive each day to exceed YOUR expectations.

As a Lincoln Nebraska native, I love Lincoln and relish in all it offers from it's small-town charm to it's big-city amenities.  My intimate knowledge and experiences of Nebraska lends enthusiam and desire to make my home, YOUR home.

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I work closely with families making this transistion as comfortable as posssible while remaining sensitive to the issues YOU are facing.  Working together, I'll gracefully help YOU navigate this process.

As a Realtor being involved in Real Estate since 1981 helps me uniquely understand today's market.  As a past owner of succesful businesses,  I blend those business talents, negotiating skills and connections with knowledge of the Real Estate market to optimize YOUR experience.

As YOUR Seniors Specialist I am committed to Equipping, Educationg and Empowering Seniors in our community.  Founder of Nebraska Savvy Seniors, offering Empowerment Seminars, Downsizer's Club, Senior Stories Podcast and Savvy Seniors Resources.  Join us as we travel living life  our BEST life to 100 and beyond.

*CSHP - Certified Seniors Housing Professional

*SRES - Seniors Real Estate Specialist

*MSRP - Master Seniors Real Estate Professional






What clients say about Alicia Chrastil

***** Five Star Review - What can I say about Alicia Chrastil that the above ratings don't already show? Her personality for one. She presents herself so positive and willing to do whatever it takes to help you prepare your house to sell, even coming over to see what is most important for presentation purposes any time you ask her to come. I liked that about her because it showed me she really cares about her customers. Alicia did an amazing and very thorough job in preparing a market analysis for us. Our house was very unique in that it was custom designed and built by a perfectionist. I know she must had a hard time trying to find other homes to compare it to. She came up with a value that her years of experience helped her in deciding just what the market could be bear, given our location in the Lincoln area. We sold the home for the exact top asking price she had listed it for. So happy. Thank you Alicia. She has become a dear friend to me because of it.

John & Wanda Maier

***** Five Star Review - Alicia has a wealth of advice on anything on buying or selling homes. I really appreciate her personal focus on my needs and my expectations. Highly trust her for positive, current guidance.

Bev Conroy

***** Five Star Review - We gave Alicia some ideas of what we wanted and let limits on our pricing and because she took the time to get to know us and our situation, she knew that we were selling ourselves short. We went all over the area looking at a few places but she called and told us she found the ONE. It was out of our price range a bit, but we would have never found it on our own due to limiting ourselves. We went and looked at it, figured we would never get it but tried and one year later, we are loving our new place. There are a lot of realtors out there who can do the job, but there are only so many who can do the job as well as Alicia:)

Mark Sneddeker

I have known Alicia Chrastil for more than 20 years. I live out-of-state and needed someone to look after my elderly parents, both retired. At first Alicia was a sort of “companion” and general helper to them. But she became so much more. She became like the sister I never had. She took my parents to doctors’ appointments, performed odd jobs around the house, and assisted them in several moves—first to a senior independent living space, then to an assisted-living apartment, and, finally, to a room they shared on a nursing floor, before they passed away. She included my parents in many of her family events, so they felt cared about in more than just a professional capacity. I have many photos of my folks, sharing a meal with Alicia’s children or going on an outing with Alicia, all of which they thoroughly enjoyed. In the hospital during my father’s final days, Alicia’s son brought his guitar and we all sang for my father. Alicia was with my mother, too, putting lotion on her hands, in her final moments. Alicia was a wonderful friend and an enormous comfort to me and my parents. After my parents passed away, Alicia, ever the entrepreneur, opened an antiques mall. This allowed her to demonstrate her skills in sales, design, customer service, and organization. Alicia has a great personality, full of humor, patience, decorating ideas galore, and respect for the attachments of others to their precious memories. From the antiques mall, Alicia went into real estate. Now she is thinking of branching out to help retirees “down-size” and move into new space. I sure could have used her expertise here outside recently! I went from a 6-bedroom house I had lived in for almost 40 years, to a condo in another suburb. She would be full of ideas, contacts to help with the process and suggestions for taking all the “lovies” from one space to another, to help one feel surrounded by familiar “friends” going forward. In other words, she will do for others exactly what she did for my parents. You could not find another person so resourceful, patient, kind and full of cheerful spirits as Alicia. I highly recommend her to you and to all your loved ones, without reservation. It is a great opportunity to work with her.

Dianne Burgin

***** Five Star Review - Alicia was very thorough. She provided us with a lot of information. We appreciated having all the facts to weigh out our options. This made selling our home a lot less stressful than it was before she walked into the picture. We were moving out of Nebraska and she was able to find us a friendly and efficient realtor in Ohio. I recommend Alicia because she is friendly, honest, and gets results!

Keyana Marshall

***** Five Star Review - I've had the pleasure of working with Alicia on multiple occasions. She is always responsive and attentive to clients needs. I would recommend her to anyone!

Nicolas Robbins

***** Five Star Review - She made the selling process very easy for my family. The buyer threw us a curve ball and she handled it with grace.

Nichiolas Wheatley