Civic Square: Revitalizing Omaha's Urban Core with Iconic Civic Auditorium Redevelopment

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Omaha, NE - The iconic Civic Auditorium site in Omaha is set to undergo a transformative redevelopment project called Civic Square, which aims to revitalize the city's urban core.

Andy Alloway, President of Nebraska Realty, applauds the efforts to bring significant improvement to the community and expresses his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "Civic Square will breathe new life into Omaha's downtown, creating a vibrant destination where residents and workers can enjoy a range of amenities conveniently."

Spanning the area between 17th and 19th streets, and Chicago Street and Capitol Avenue, the Civic Square project is expected to feature a health and wellness anchor, office space, retail storefronts, and a mix of affordable and market-rate housing, as outlined by the visionary White Lotus Group. Arun Agarwal, CEO of White Lotus Group, envisions Civic Square as a place where urban residents and workers can find everything they need within walking distance.

"This project will bring new life into Omaha's urban core, and give Omahans the opportunity to easily visit or stay and enjoy living downtown with convenience," said Agarwal.

The community has eagerly embraced the development plans, with Curtis Wilson, Operations Manager of Astute Coffee, expressing optimism about the increased foot traffic the mixed-use nature of Civic Square will bring. Wilson states, "It's certainly nice to have more options for places to grab lunch and that kind of thing, and I'm sure that will bring more traffic in from more than just residents there and I'm sure that'll create additional traffic for us as well."

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert is also a proponent of the Civic Square project, recognizing its potential to revitalize the downtown area. Mayor Stothert states, "Civic Square brings life back to one of downtown Omaha's most prominent blocks and is part of the great momentum in our urban core. White Lotus Group brings experience, innovation, and design excellence to create a new neighborhood that will attract residents and businesses. A healthy, successful urban core benefits the entire city."

The redevelopment plan includes the reintroduction of 18th Street between Chicago Street and Capitol Avenue, which aims to enhance mobility within the urban core. Moreover, the addition of 180 on-street parking stalls, along with access to the existing 500-stall parking garage on the site, addresses the need for convenient parking solutions.

Arun Agarwal emphasizes the importance of Civic Square's accessibility, stating, "With interstate and inner-city convenience, Civic Square is the most accessible block downtown, which is especially important for the grocery store component and solving for the food desert designation. This project aims to enhance mobility around the urban core and contribute toward creating a sustainable living environment for all those who reside in it."

Site preparation for Civic Square is scheduled to commence in early 2024, with White Lotus Group leading the development efforts. The project is anticipated to transform the downtown skyline, offering a new residential neighborhood feel to the urban core of Omaha. The distinct signage and architecture at Civic Square are expected to create an iconic, south-facing view of the city.

The Civic Square project is part of a broader trend of private-public developments in downtown Omaha, including the Mutual of Omaha office tower, the Kiewit Luminarium science museum, the Steelhouse concert venue, and ongoing renovation and improvements to the Gene Leahy Mall. This convergence of developments highlights the growing urban core vision becoming a reality.

White Lotus Group invites public input and engagement in the Civic Square project through The community's involvement and support will further contribute to the success of this transformative undertaking. 

The Civic Square project at the iconic Civic Auditorium site in Omaha holds immense promise for the city's future. As plans progress, White Lotus Group will be submitting requests for tax-increment financing, aiming to leverage economic development tools to facilitate the project's realization.

The redevelopment of the former Civic Auditorium site holds great significance for Omaha. The demolished facility, which once hosted concerts, graduations, and other events, has now paved the way for a new chapter in the city's history. Through the collaboration between White Lotus Group and the city, the vision for Civic Square has taken shape, with the aim of creating a dynamic mixed-use neighborhood that seamlessly integrates into the urban fabric.

The significance of securing a national grocery store within Civic Square cannot be overstated. Arun Agarwal highlights its importance, stating, "With interstate and inner-city convenience, Civic Square is the most accessible block downtown, which is especially important for the grocery store component and solving for the food desert designation." This addition will not only cater to the needs of residents but also contribute to addressing the issue of food accessibility within the urban core.

The Civic Square project aligns with the city's vision of a thriving urban core. Large businesses in the vicinity, including Union Pacific Railroad and Kiewit Corp, along with the presence of Creighton University, underscore the potential for economic growth and community integration. Creighton University's President, the Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, expresses excitement about the project, acknowledging the value it brings to their neighborhood and the convenience it offers to students and faculty.

The urban core vision is becoming a reality. Civic Square's comprehensive approach to urban development, encompassing residential, commercial, and community spaces, will undoubtedly contribute to the vibrancy and livability of Omaha's downtown area.

White Lotus Group, known for its innovative projects, is spearheading the Civic Square redevelopment. With their expertise, the company has already embarked on the legal process of dividing the property and collaborating with nonprofits to incorporate affordable housing. Their previous successful projects, such as the Pershing Center site in Lincoln and the Omaha W. Dale Clark Library, demonstrate their commitment to creating transformative spaces.

Civic Square promises to be an urban haven, offering residents and workers a desirable lifestyle centered around convenience, accessibility, and vibrant community engagement. Andy Alloway, President of Nebraska Realty, highlights the positive impact of such projects on the community, stating, "Nebraska Realty has a great relationship with White Lotus and applauds their efforts to be part of the improvement." The collaboration between Nebraska Realty and White Lotus Group signifies a shared commitment to enhancing the quality of life for Omaha residents.

As site preparation for Civic Square is set to commence in early 2024, the excitement and anticipation continue to grow. Omaha's urban core is on the brink of a transformative renaissance, as Civic Square breathes new life into the heart of the city. With its innovative design, convenient amenities, and inclusive housing options, Civic Square will redefine the downtown living experience and shape Omaha's skyline for generations to come.

(Image Courtesy of White Lotus Group)